Monday, August 25, 2008

Benton Franklin Fair

We got to go to the fair on Friday. It was alot of fun. I wish the kids would have liked to see the animals and exhibits more than ride the rides. I like looking at the crafts!! Ohhh, shocker!! Summer invited her friend Haylee to go with us. The pictures of the cows (they are Easterday cows).

The kids favorite ride or one of the top rides was the ferris wheel. They were in #8. They also had a great time at the bumper cars.
Brek mostly hung out with dad while I chased the other kids around. We also ate at the fair for like $50 or some outragious amount of $.
It was a fun night with a LOT of people. We did see Sam Yates Olsen and her cute little family. I don't think I could let my kids go to the fair all week. My kids would have just run wild. Also there were tons of couples. Teenager types, coupled, kissing, holding hand or other holdings. I wondered if they hooked up at the fair or if they were already couples!! Scary to me!!


wyomingerica said...

fun fair times, did you watch a concert? The fair is all about getting girlfriend and boyfriends. Crazy!!

Kiley said...

Who did Samantha Yates marry? How many kids does she have? And where does she live?
Brek has funny hair. I'm ready for Dallie to get a round head like that, babies are so much cuter that way.

Jennifer Nielson said...

Looks like lots of fun! We didn't go to the fair this year---I think it was because we didn't feel the urge to spend $50+ on hamburgers. Lots of parents in the community beg us to do 4-H; Bret says a flat "NO" (it's a waste of time and there is too much trouble to get into!)

Lizzie loves the pictures of Bode. She wants to play. We tried to visit this summer--your mom was too busy, and when she wasn't, we were. We'll have to plan something between now and Christmas.

Jennifer Nielson said...

oh--I just read my comment--it's a little offensive to those who participate in the fair! Fair works for some families--for our family we have chosen different activities.