Tuesday, May 26, 2009

#3 Albies

10 Hotdogs-$.99 $1/2 + doubler=FREE
3-Smore Makings -$21 - $9 instant savings with $1 coupon + doubler=$1.72
14 Sweet Ray BBQ -$1 with $1/2 + doubler=FREE
3-Chips $2 with $1 coupon + doubler= $.47 (tax)
6-Triscuit/Wheatthins $1.47 with $1 coupon + doubler=FREE with overage which I used on the smore makings
Total bill $2.19 (I LOVE Albies doubles!!) I would have spent $123.77 without my Albies card and Q's.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day

The kids are home from school today because of Memorial Day. We have 10 days left of school!! I know for all you who are out, this seems insane, same to me. Wish our state could figure it out!! We aren't doing much. Hopefully we will make it to the cemetary today. I hope that I can talk Eric into moving the girls to BC Cemetary. It would be so much easier to go then. We haven't had anything to exciting happen. Oh yeh, yesterday I opened the door to let Brek go outside and a bird flew in. It must have been a baby because it couldn't find it's way out. After it hit the wall a couple of times, it gave up and Eric caught it and took it outside. The best thing was Summer screaming and screaming. She claims she likes animals but she sure doesn't want anything to do with them when they're around. It was fun!! We did get to have dinner with mom and dad last night and Mom's cousin came from 3-cities and A. Kathy. We played a mean game of scrabble and had a fun time. Other than that, we don't have too much going on.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Albies #2

For my $3.17 here is what I got. I would have spent $87.66, saving of $84.49
2 Triscuit-Free with overage with $1 coupon/doubler - were $1.47/each
6 Wheat thins-Free with overage with $1 coupon/doubler- were $1.47/each
5 Smores makings-(buy marsh, choc, crackers for $7 get $3 off), $1 coupon/doubler - $2/each
4 hotdogs $.99 $1/2 coupon/doubler-Free

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Albies deals

OK, most recent deal at Albies.
8 cereal-Free $2.50 -$1 coupon with $1 doubler Buy 4, get them at a$1.50 each
5 Miracle Whip $2.00-Free-$1 coupon with $1 doubler
3 Kraft Cheese $1.88 with in store coupon-$1/2 coupon with $1/2 doubler. I paid $4.64
2 Yoplait yogurt 2/$5-$1.00 coupon with $1 doubler (buy 4 items get instant $3 savings)
2 Warm delights 2/$5-$.55 coupon with $.55 doubler
(I can't quite remember the math on these last 3 items but I ended up paying a total of $7.76 for all my groceries.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Soap deal

Here's a good deal I got recently. 6 boxes of Dish washer soap for $.62. That's for ALL the boxes of soap not per box so that comes out to 10.5 cents a box. I actually got the soap for free and had to pay my awesome state what they thought they deserved of my free find!!

Bike vs. PU

I get a phone call from Eric yesterday, "I just ran over Bode's bike."

"I just ran over his bike. It was on the edge of the grass (by 2 feet)"

Now the bike wasn't placed behind Eric after he stopped by yesterday or placed in front of him where he couldn't see it. It was safely in the grass. Can you see the tire tracks??He was checking his messages on his phone and wasn't watching where he was going. If I had been standing there, (thinking I was in a safe spot, by the way) he would have hit me. He thought he might be able to fix
it, bend it back into place. No such luck. So week old bike vs bike killing PU-PU won. He's looking for a new bike today for Bode.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Walmart finds

Here's what my $13.91 bought me at Walmart. Costs of items

13-toothpastes $.97 ($1 off) +$.39

2-Johnson Buddies $.97 ($1 off) +$.06

12-Hersery's dark chocolate bars $1 ($1 off) FREE

5-BBQ sauce $.97 ($1 off) +$.15

6-Sure DO $1.78 ($1.50 off) -$1.68

1-Speed stick $1 ($.75 off) -$.25

2-Lady's speed $1 ($.75 off 2) -$1.25

5-Pads $1 ($.75 off) -$1.25

3-Miracle Whips $1.82 ($1 off) -$2.46

1 Miracle whip squeeze $2 ($1 off) -$1

3-Dish soap $4.50 ($2.50 off) -$6

4-Halls $1.18 ($1 off) -$.72

TOTAL $13.91

Happy Birthday Kollin

I miss you!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Sis Reunion

We had our annual sis reunion the first full week of May. All of my sisters and mom were able to travel to Kiley's house in Nebraska for a week (that includes travel days) to play together. We did miss Jen and Sara but look forward to seeing them next year. I think it's kind of funny that we flew to Salt Lake last year for the Sis Reunion and that we drove to Nebraska. (Tickets are a lot cheaper to fly to SL than to any airport close to NE-are there airports in NE!??!)

On our way down to Nebraska, we stopped at my Grandpa Nielson's grave and saw his new headstone. They did a really good job on it. It had been raining and that's why the headstone looks like it does, with the sunbeams highlighted.
We also got to go to Chimney Rock. I was just amazed at this landmark and impressed by the sacredness of the area. Our pioneers past through there. Not just of our Mormon heritage but also many (if not all) settlers coming to the west. Chimney Rock also symbolized the hard trek that was before the pioneers, that of crossing the Rocky Mountains. The museum was very interesting. Bode wanted his pic taken by the bow and arrow. The feathers off the side of the picture are an Indian Headdress!!
We did spend alot of time "out on the range". We got to herd a sick calf with the suburban. It was fun to watch Jason and "the man from snowy river" ride their horses (galloping while NOT HANGING ON!!) to catch calves that needed to be doctored. They would catch the calves and then drag them to the doctoring PU. I also had the thought that this state should be "The BIG SKY STATE". There are no mountains to jet up into the sky at all. It looks like the sky goes on forever. You can see from the pics that there is ALOT of sky. Brek is being very stoic in this pic. BETTER NOT SMILE!!There were LOTS of cowboys at the branding. Almost all were wearing cowboy hats, boots, chaps or chinks, spurs, the whole set up. They had all the fronts of their legs protected but almost every one of them had a dirty bum from sitting in manure. Mijken said she saw one cowboy with CTR on his spurs. Of course, they used a real branding pot with real brands or at least not electric brands. They had a fire in the pot, not on the ground (I guess they have come a little bit farther in doing things because they had their irons in a pot and the fire was fueled by propane not wood.) Brek stood there a sized up this cowboy for about 5 minutes. When the cowboy finally looked at him, Brek started crying. I guess Brek wasn't as tough as he thought he was.

This last pic is for Erica and Ki. We saw this statue on our way east. Way off in the distance, we saw it coming up and Mijken and I were talking excitedly about it. "Oh look, a cool looking rock, oh ahh!!" As we got closer I said, "It looks like Ab Lincoln, don't you think?" Getting closer still, DUH!! It's a monument dedicated to Lincoln. We thought we had found some amazing rock formation that nobody had discovered before. Yeh, not really, it's man made, put there on purpose! Erica and Ki, who have seen it several times thought it was hilarious!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


For all those who didn't believe that it was true, it is!! The UPS man came today and brought this year's Christmas present!! Here is where I got the idea. I followed the instructions to the T. It took about 5 weeks to complete the whole process and 3 weeks to get here once the company had received all my info but I think it's because I live in the west. My total cost for the two machines, $30-40. I think it's great. Tell me what you think? I'm ready to do another one. Just what should I do??

Walgreens, I got a deal

Well with my $8.28, this is what I got at Walgreens. Yes that would be 2 FREE MOVIE TICKETS!! I would have spent $57.73! Isn't that cool. I think I'm going to try again to do this deal so that I can get enough tickets for our family to go!!

Happy B-day Bode

In all of the hoopla of a trip and coming home, Bode decided to be born today 6 years ago. Actually he was born at 10:02pm so he's not OFFICIALLY 6 yet. We celebrated last night. He got CARS, cars, a bike, bubble machine from Lexi and the infamous swimming towel that all my kids get for each of their birthdays. He also wanted ice cream cake (which I didn't have ANY of and there's still some left). It was a fun FHE because first I made everyone work in the yard, weed my flower bed and plant my new flowers.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Nebraska here we come!

Nebraska is a neat place. It's fun to see different parts of the country and really this is the farthest east I've ever been other than layovers in airports. Some neat sites that we have seen

The "elkoholic" truck (in Idaho)
Chimney Rock!! Can you believe all the pioneers who went past here. This was a significant landmark for westward travelers.
The biggest bone yard/junk yard in the states!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lexi's Co2 Car

In Sci-ma-tech (one of Lexi's electives) Lexi has to build a Co2 car and race it against her class. Of course she wanted to build something impossible to make. So, we went to our good neighbor, Brother Marshall. He did a pretty good job. Except for one problem- the axle holes were crooked. And that was a BIG problem!! But, we got them straight and then we moved on to the hardest part. We had to hollow it out! Luckily, Eric new how to do that and he did a pretty good job! Finally the wood cutting was done! But, of course Lexi wanted a impossible paint job, too. But, she decided on something a little more easier after we told her we couldn't do it. Here's some pictures of our hard work!!!
First,we painted the car silver. Then we put tape over it and painted it blue.

Next, we peeled the tape off and made a few adjustments to the so called "paint job"

Here's some pictures of the finished product: