Friday, May 21, 2010

I'm officially invited

to my sister's retreat. Now, I can go!!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Blowing out candles and killing cats

Bode, Brek and I were the only ones home to see Bode blow out his candle on his cupcake. He wanted cupcakes instead of a cake for his birthday. Brek has found the kittens. We have 2 mammas that had 7 babies between the 2 of them. At first they weren't together and in fact the babies were born about 10 day-2 weeks apart. But they found each other and rented an apartment together under the stairs and that's where they are living. I was concerned about the 3 big kitties getting all the vittles but the 4 littles have held there own. I think there is always a mamma there babysitting except when the lawn mower goes by or the baby comes. So if you've seen that movie Monsters v Aliens, one of the characters says what do they call you when they see you coming? The star girl monster says "Susan"-Oh Susan, I even scared myself-other monster replies. Well, by the look of these kitties faces what do you call the monster when you see him. OH HAIR PULLER!! TAIL BITER!! Doesn't Brek look like a huge gianormic monster compared to the little fluffly babies!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Bode!!

I have a 7 year old in my house today. Bode turned 7, well actually at 10:02 tonight he will be 7. Here are some pictures of his gift opening, birthday snake for his class. Why do I even try to make cakes?? Why don't I learn??

New bike, hopefully we won't run it over. It's much taller, he quickly out grew his last bike.

He got some shirts, a towel and a new DS game.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Hope everyone had a good Mother's Day. I had a busy Mother's Day. First church-but I didn't have to teach my lesson, YW always teach on Mother's Day so moms can go to RS. Then lunch at the Freeman's. Amy and Craig came along with Jason and his kids, Ray and Di and their kids, Troy and Robin and their kids and us. We left at 4 to come home to make dinner for mom and dad. They thought they would be there be 5. When we pulled into our driveway, they were sitting in their car. Had a fun dinner with them. They went home fairly early-probably needing to recover from church and prison. Then we watched Amazing Race-disappointing!! Cowboys took 2nd. So sad. And there's a little contraversary. Will be interesting to see if anything happens with that whole thing. I got 2 cards, one from Eric that all the kids signed and one for Lexi. I also got a promise of trees which I have to dig the holes for and plant but that's ok.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I dreamed all night about my rag doll dog being flopped around by those big dogs. It was awful. I wonder what my kids were dreaming about it. I finally had to start singing my feel-good song (you know, when you're a youth, you're supposed to get a good song in your head, know all the lyrics so that when times get tough, you can think of that song and it can help you. Mine is I am a Child of God) anyway, I finally started singing my feel good song and was able to sleep. My neighbors have said nothing more to us. The neighbor did ask if Trig was ok-right after I put him in the shed. I didn't know then. He was all covered with slobber and I couldn't see any gushing wounds. So I told him I didn't know. I would look later when things had calmed down. That's all I've gotten out of them. The dog is ok. He doesn't seem to have any problems. He's still all sticky from slobber. I guess if those dogs were killing dogs they would have done him in because he was out numbered and they threw him around like nothing. Next time. I using the sharp end of the hoe and the shot gun, hopefully there won't be a next time. One other sad happening. You know one of my favorite things, my fake diamonds that I got for Christmas for myself, Well, my kid wore them to school and only can home with one earring and one necklace. All those times I wore them, probably twice a week since Christmas-she wears them one time to school and looses an earring!! AHHHH!! That makes me want to cry!! I'll have you know it's that time of year for my yearly visit to the down there doctor. Truly my cup over floweth at the thought of it!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Man, I'm a good shot

We have new neighbors (which I haven't been over to see or meet yet-I know, slacker!!). They have some very big, fluffly dogs, really cute -a Camel one (that his name) and a black one-didn't hear that one's name. Well, they paid a visit to us today. Well, actually to our yippy, Trigger dog. Yeh, Trig didn't stand a chance. Of course, he is still chained up so he got in his house. They came into. Of course, I wasn't really wanting to get into a dog fight so I proceeded to hit them on the back with a hoe-didn't even faze them. I ran into the house to get the gun, got the wrong gun-a 22 doesn't make enough noise. Meanwhile, Trig was able to get out of his house and brake his chain and start running as fast as he could. Of course, they caught him and started chewing on him some more. Shot the gun in the air twice. Yeh, wrong gun but I think that is what got the neighbor to finally notice his dogs were in our yard. My two whole bullets were shot so I picked up a brick and started throwing it at them. That finally connected and hurt them a little. Trig was able to get under the trailer and the owner was able to semi contain his dogs. I was able to get Trig locked up in the pump house and he drug his dogs home to lock them up. The kids, except Lexi, were crying. Lexi had brought a hoe to beat them with that didn't work. I told her to get away in case attack turned on us. I also sent her in the house for the shotgun. But here's the funnies of the story. Have lost a wee bit of blatter control due to babies, I had a slight (just slight, not full blown) accident from swinging the hoe and throwing bricks. But the best thing was when I shot the 22 in the air, I actually hit a bird (or I should say chicken because all birds are called chickens by Brek). I shot randomly in the air and killed a bird!! Can you believe it??!!! Kind of funny!! On further inspection, the supposed chicken that I killed was all dead and crusty and has been for a while. The cat must have killed it not me. So I guess I'm not as good a shot as I thought. The dog covered with slobber.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Just get through

Not much happening around here. Eric is feeling quite well other than he can't move his arm. His pain is fine. He really doesn't have any. He's down to 2 doses of meds a day and really isn't sure if he needs them or not. The biggest problem is, he can't move his arm. It difficult doing things like getting dressed, bathing, etc. which I have to help him with. Which takes time because I have to bathe and dress everyone else !-} So he's on my time!! We did go out and check fields yesterday. I was the driver, shovel carrier, door opener (the wind blew about 85 miles/hour) dirt turner. I just didn't check the dirt for moisture. I need to get some irrigators!!