Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pictures of carpet

The line between the living (on left) and bedroom (on right). You can see the different colors.Bedroom from the livingroom doorway.

Bedroom from the bathroom!! OH MY WORD!! The bathroom carpet is SOOOO crappy!!
Already assumed the position of watching TV on a roll of carpet.
Wiping out but he didn't cry.
Brek about to jump off of the ladder.


wyomingerica said...

It looks so good, where is all your furniture? In the dinning room?

Countrylivn' said...

It looks just like mine! Who is installing it? I guess you are getting it in all of the bedrooms too? I wish I would have/could have done that, looks nice, cant wait to see it at Christmas time, your wood floors look good next to it too!

Kiley said...

Ditto on all that's been said. Are couches on your Christmas list for next year (or do you already have new couches?)? Did you lay on the new carpet and rub your arms on it? That's what I like to do with new carpet. It feels so good.