Monday, September 12, 2011

10,000 years, can give you such a crick in the neck!

Ok, peeps!! Do you know what movie that line came from. Yes, it would be Aladdin (Disney, Robin Williams as Genie) after the Genie comes out of the bottle. Well, there's something else that can give you a crick in the neck and that's going through 10,000 plus photos looking for your girls so you can post some pictures of them and make scrapbook pages. The trek photographers took 10,000 pictures of the youth this summer on the bi-stake trek. A year ago when they started planning the trek we were one stake but by the time trek time rolled around, we had been divided into 2 stakes. They still proceeded forth as planned but had the largest group ever at the Agri Northwest farm located near Plymouth, WA. 390 Youth and 160 support staff attended the event. I even went for of few hours to do a reenactment. Look closely at the pictures and you might be able to pick out my girls. They had a great time and made alot of new friends.


Kiley said...

Did all the girls have to carry dolls? It looks like Lexi's about to drop hers.

Countrylivn' said...

I was going to say the same, she is going to drop her baby! Looks hot and fun!

Jenny said...

Way to go & get those pictures!! Looks like they did a good job.