Thursday, June 14, 2012

Playing catch-up

 Birthday date, they both were born on June 12.
4 Generation picture with Gma Santos, Gma Freeman, Ame and Emma.

 Freeman's annual eat out at Mongolian Grill.
Self explanatory-from her YW leader.
Birthday girl
Swimming in 60 degree weather with Freeman cousin.
Laying in the sun is way warmer.

 Camp night at mutual.

Gma Nielson's roses.  Brek brought them home.
 Insulating, well still insulating.
After winter concert.
Science project poster-An Egg-cellent Experiment

A carpenter in training????

Ride Em Cowboy

Messing around in church choir.

Summer and Bode at pack meeting making an egg drop mattress.  His egg didn't crack!!
Girls posing
Eskimo kisses
Birthday boy
Wyoming snow
Lots going on as you can see I can't seem to get it together to blog.  Between school getting out!! YEH!!  Cub Daycamp, sister retreat-with an add bonus!!, volleyball camp, basketball camp, cheer activities, Gma Santos funeral, family visits, birthdays, etc.  We have been busy!!  We had our big playday at Basin City Elementary which included 8 bouncehouses and a dunk tank that the teachers volunteer to sit on.  We fill the tank with nice hot water-too hot in fact and had to add some cold.  The kiddos have a great time!!  Grandma Santos, Gma Freeman's mother past away on June 5.  Everyone in the Freeman Family made it to the viewing except Tyson.  His family was sick.  Lexi has been busy doing volleyball and basketball.  She also turned 16 and had a date the night of her birthday with a nice kid from Mattawa.  We are looking for a putt putt car that can make the trek to Connell every day.  Summer had to do a science project with her friend Haylee.  She also has done a few cheerleading things. Bode had his 9th birthday party with a bunch of boys, has been busy with scouts and riding his motorcycle.  Brek is just my sidekick.  We get in the car he asked, "Are we going to basketball?"  Yep that's pretty much all we do, is go to games.  We have a fun summer planned and hope to be able to see all of our family!! this summer!!