Monday, September 16, 2013

Football has started!!

As is tradition at Connell High, the girls ask boys if they can wear their jerseys during the game and then you have to go get a picture of yourself with that football player after the game in his jersey.  Summer has already arranged several jersey wearing sessions.  She wore Mathew Davidson's jersey for the first home game.  All of these kids are kids in her Sophomore class.  Lex, however, didn't get a jersey from anyone and I don't know if she will or not??  We will see.
Justin Schultz (Wade and Nancy Schultz) and Haylee Hokanson
Mathew Davidson (Thane and Rhinda Davidson) Summer, Justin, Haylee
Mathew and Summer
Carson Freeman, Summer, David Freeman (Jamie and Jani Freeman)
Tanner Empey (Lance and Janet Empey)

Tyrelle Holst (Chris and Maria Holst)
HUnter Clawson (new, you don't know his parents)
Dallas Rodriguez (Kim Nielson and JR)

First Day of School 2013

We had a couple first days of school. Bode went all by himself on Monday, the high schoolers went Tuesday and then Brek had to wait a whole other week to get to go the next Tuesday.  Bode's teacher is Mr. Smith.  Brek's teacher is Mrs. Hall and the big girls, well, who knows about their teachers.  :-)  Actually they have one class together, Choir.  Lex is taking 25 credits of college courses and Summer is taking Spanish II.  They both have hard classes.  Boys are still busy at BCE.  We are in the midst of fundraising, stinks, I know!!  And football for Bode.  And yes our grass is still that green.

Fair Time

We got to go to the fair this year with the Freemans.  Well, some of the Freemans, Tyson was here.  It was the same as every other fair.  Riding rides, doing tractor pull and seeing all the kids that everyone knew and their animals.  One funny thing happened.  A boy that Bode knows was supposed to make a poster about a sheep's mouth and teeth.  Well, right before the fair, his sheep at his poster about mouths and teeth.  Bode thought that was pretty funny.  We had another fun day at the fair.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Swimming lessons

The boys took swimming lessons this summer.  We went into the big town of Connell and found the best country that we could there; a backhoe digging up the sidewalks in front of the pool.  Brek and Bode did very well and in fact, Bode was able to get his aquanat pin for his Webelos.  Always good to pass something off when you're having fun.