Tuesday, March 19, 2013

I'm not liked...

Lexi informed my a couple days ago that Summer didn't like me much. Well, should I be offended? How should I take this revelation? Am I surprised? Ummmm, not really. I can remember about a year ago when Lexi didn't like me much either. And I can also remember not liking my mom too much at certain points in my teenage hood. So no this isn't a shocking statement.
And I have thought about it since. I can see why Sum might not be fond of me. I harp on her to get her jobs done, get her homework done, do her hair, get in the car so we aren't late. Am I right for this? Some of the time, yes. Some of the time, no. But I have decided. I'm responsible for her. It lies on my shoulders to raise her so she can tell right from wrong, so she can know how to clean (although I'm not great at it), so she can got to college and not flunk out. So am I hard on her? Yes because I love her. I went through way to much to not care about her being the best she can be, the best of her abilities. I mean we had to wait 2 years just to find her. Then I had to teach her to talk. Do you remember that? She couldn't say words correctly at all. She called Lexi, Way. Not even close. That's when she was 3 and talking. By the time she was 5, her and I had spent an incredible amount of time practicing flash cards and saying the "f" sound and the "th" sound. We practiced saying the beginning and endings of words. We practiced so much, that one of my cousins asked if she was adopted from England because her consonants we so crisp and perfect. By the time she went to kinder at 5, nobody even had a clue that she couldn't be understood 2 years earlier.
So as you can see, we started on a path of greatness. I expect great things from her and in return she demands great parenting from me. So am I Summer's friend. No not yet. I'm her mother. In the future though, I do expect us to be great friends. I love my mom and consider her one of my best friends but I couldn't haven't been her best friend now if she would have been my best friend way back then. So on Pinterest you see that saying...I'm not your friend (yet). I'm your mother.

Friday, March 15, 2013

The Wizard of Oz

I think this will be my last decorating for a while. This is what Colleen Gray did for our community dinner. All I made was the land of Oz. Then I did what I was told to help.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Does this remind you of June?

I was asked to decorate a table for our RS Birthday Dinner.  They ask me to decorate in the theme of June.

There's a birthday candle on the table for us June birthday girls.  You can see July's table in the background.

Mostly I just keep thinking of Nebraska and all the sunflowers there.  I'm making a June sign so that people know that it's the June table.

I got most of my supplies at the $ store and the cullender  and round bush at Hobby Lobby.