Friday, May 30, 2008

Big Man

I have broke out the high chair (it was Bode's and Jen-Weston got it for me for his baby shower). It's great because it goes really far back so Brek doesn't break his head off with it leaning forward. Anyway, as you can see Brek just looks minute in it. He is eating cereal at 4 1/2 months. He likes it way better than Bode did. Bode is still sick throwing up and the other end too. He told me that he has an infection in his leg that is going up his leg and into his shoulder and then in his throat and that's what makes him throw up. Not the fact that he eats all day long and then at night throw it all up. I'm not feeling real great either. I asked my friend if she would get me some pepto and she brought dinner too. SO NICE!! Thanks Danell!! Well, I have to make invitations for Enrichment, study for a lesson and try to act like I'm sick. Danell also gave me her pretty new dryer that is electronic and everything. I don't know if I'm smart enough to use it!! It's not installed yet because Jill is having a yard sale and I'm going to take my old dryer to it and I don't want to leave it outside so my new dryer has a home in my living room right now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


There's a tagger in tri-cities who keeps tagging everything around with the word bored. They caught the kid but it's kind of funny! That's how we are around here, just boring. Nothing going on. We are looking forward to the Jensen's coming and a first temple trip for Lex and Kam. Brek is getting big and infact almost fell off the couch was hanging on by I don't know what. He sits in the corner pretty good but he fell forward and was dangling. Bode threw up all night on Sunday night/ Monday morning. Yuck!! He's feeling better I think. We have really cute kitties.

Friday, May 23, 2008

A Matter of a Few Degrees

Ame had an incredible experience. She was really struggling with an issue. She really wanted to compromise her standards. She was studying for VTing and came across Pres. Uchtdorf talk at Priesthood session. An excellent talk. She was able to see through the peer presure and desire to be part of the crowd. I know that she will be a great example to her friends and we can all learn a lesson from her. A quote from the talk...
On that day, the prophet Samuel recognized a critical weakness in Saul’s character. When pressured by outside influences, Saul did not have the self-discipline to stay on course, trust the Lord and His prophet, and follow the pattern God had established.


Lexi and Shayla hanging at the campfire!!

Cabin mates, Lexi, Kaitlyn McCary, Karigan Eppich, Shayla Davidson

Monday, May 19, 2008

I've been tagged

Rules? Answer these 8 questions and tag 5 people.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago? Trying to have another baby after Lexi. Moving a whole bunch of water with Lexi strapped to my back and when I say moving water I'm talking a whole bunch of syphons tubes.
2. 5 things on my to do list? Laundry, dishes, homework with kids, change a messy diaper, did I mention laundry?
3. Snacks I enjoy? Whoopers, reeses, twix, oreos, choclate Ice cream
4. If I were a Billionaire what would I do? It's sad that a million will no longer cut the mustard, no now we have to be billionaires. PAY OFF DEBT!! Build a house and buy a farm. Get a new LUXURY car. Build a cabin in the mountains for my parents, send them on a mission and Eric's parents on another mission. Help out sisters and brothers those who would accept help. Donate a bunch of $ to build a high school in BASIN CITY!!
5. 3 Bad Habits? Eating too much chocolate!! eating too much roast and potatoes eating too much in general
6. Places I've lived? Kuna, ID - Adrian, OR - Rexburg, ID - Pocatello, Id - Pullman, WA - Basin City, WA
7. 5 jobs I've had? Milk maid, water changer, bee hive cleaner outer for Price's farms, ditch digger, secretary for a welding shop, secretary for my own farm, swather driver, MOM
8. 5 things people don't know about me? I like chocolate, I like to read but don't feel like I have the time, If I had a Wii or other type of game piece, I would play it all day and do nothing else, I really don't like cows but know they are a good way to make $ and teach kids how to work, I like white noise like a fan running all night but not the TV or a clock, maybe I just like a fan running all night so I can't hear my kids.

I won't tag anyone but if you want to do this good ahead, be my guest!!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Harry! Terry!!

Don't give me a kiss nasty dog!! Sheep Dog!!

Kollin in a milk can

Kollin used to love to get into things. I remember him being a a drawer once. He is stuck in a milk can. What is dad doing? Matching socks??

What is this??

I found this interesting pic of mom!!

Prom Pics

I'm still looking for the official pics but check out this one. It looks like Mijken and Kiley didn't want to be left out!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

We have a bird

thanks to mom we have a bird. I hope the cat finds it tonight!!

Happy Birthday, Brother

Today is Kollin's birthday. He would be 31. When he was born, my mom and dad were going through that hippy stage where it was cool to have a baby in the dr. office instead of at the hospital. He was born at Dr. McIntyre's office and then my mom laid on the UNCOMFORTABLE semi-kind of a bed at the dr. the whole night with Kollin on her chest. That's where all the bonding began I guess. She said it was bad after awhile, you know you want to roll over and change positions but she couldn't because Kollin was on her chest. Then about when he was 6 months old he got really sick. He was a chunk of a kid so I guess he had some weight to lose. Thank Goodness!!
I remember one time he was riding the baby calves. It was so much fun to ride them ut really we were too big to ride them and of course, we weren't supposed. Well, he rode. A few days earlier we had rodeoed including putting rubberbands on the bull calves to make them steers. The next day, Kollin was feeding the calves and saw the reminites of bull parts. He thought he had caused this to happen to the calves he had rode the day before so he went and confessed that he had caused damage to the animals. He was a good man. After his mission, he called me to repentance telling me that I needed to have a cleaner house. He quoted several scriptures to me. He was a man not afraid to stand for the right. I have learned that hurting this bad must be something like our Heavenly Father feels about us as his children. My heart breaks everyday for Sara and Luke and my mom. But this deep emotion this deep feel affirms to me that families are forever. That these relationships we have had long before this life and will have long after this life. I miss you sweet, corky brother. I love you. But I'm so grateful for the knowledge and comfort the Gospel gives me.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

my camera is at wooten

My camera went to Camp Wooten at the last minute so I will have really boring posts. I will write about my sister retreat when it gets back. Nothing exciting going on here. I had to sing in RS on Sunday and totally bombed! It was terrible. Maybe I will never be asked to sing again!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Would you like some humble pie?

Just open your mouth and insert your foot. That's me!! I had an interesting day yesterday. Bode's friend, Frans came over. They were playing outside like they always do and apparently they got a knife out of the dishwasher and were cutting down "trees" (weeds) with it. Of course, my child was yielding the knife as he cut away on a tree and Frans was standing close by watching. And of course, the knife ended up in Frans' leg. 3 stitches later and alot of crying, and apologizing, I am now ready to eat my humble pie. Not a day before I was ranting about how bad some kids are. Why don't their parents do something about it and Heavenly Father, "Oh, yeh!! I'll show you!!" So instead of my child just being rowdy at a store, he takes a knife and tries to cut his friend's leg off. I do have to say that humble pie doesn't taste very good and I would love it if I would learn to keep my mouth shut instead of getting pie in the face!! This pic was taken when the boys were actually friends. However, Frans has forgiven us. Thank goodness!!

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Brek is getting big and fat. He still cries alot during the day but still SLEEPS ALL THROUGH the NIGHT. I love that. I hope my sis can stand to be around me because he cries so much. I'm trying some new formula so hopefully it will work as the formula for fussy babies didn't. Just made him fussy.

The ducks in the pond

For preschool we went to the duck pond at Columbia Park and then over to the Playground of dreams. The kids had a great time. They were a little scared of the geese and ducks at first but then they got used to them and we fed them a whole loaf of bread. Bring lots of bread if you do this.


Ok Bode has said some funny stuff lately including calling the heel of his cowboy boots "hips". Listen to my hips click on the floor. Wow, my boots have cool hips! Too funny! He also calls crutches, crunches!!
Cute. At preschool yesterday, the little girl that attends and I were having a conversation. I was telling her how to do a craft and she looked at me and said, "I don't understand what you are saying. I don't speak teacher." Kids say the darnest things.