Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer's 13!!

Wowzers!! We have another birthday to celebrate. Summer Marie was born 7:58 pm in Spokane on June 28. She has a great birthday turning 13 cuz that's when you get to wear "real" make up at our house. Eye liner and eye shadow. She wants to go shopping for her birthday so finding the time to do that will be interesting.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

If you didnt know today is my birthday ;D June 12th. Dont forget it. Haha soooo here's just some awesome pics of my b-day at grandma Nielson's house:) ENJOY!!!!

Me looking at the camera, makin' sure i look smokin' in every pic;) haha jk :P

Opening my present......well brek opening my present but thats otay!!!:) It was a supremely legit beach towel, sketchers flip flops and a bomb-diggity awesomespice adidas backpack.....bright yellow I'll have you know! YAAAAAAAY:D

My b-day cake, and no. It's NOT 51, it's 15 I'll have you know. haha ANYWAYS me making a funny face while Brek whines about wanting to blow out the candles (I let him cuz I'm an awesome sister) :)

And Brek blowing out the candles, what a cutie!! He missed the first time tho......but I still love him!!!:) Oh and sorry about the big spaces in between pics the blogger thing is being LAME so anyways......

¡Feliz cumpleaƱos a ME!

hahaha sanks for reading dis!!!

~Lexi.......is awesome:)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Bode's field trip

Bode's 2nd grade class got to go to CREST Museum in Richland, WA. They had a great time at the museum learning about alot of different things and then we ate lunch and played in Howard Amom park. Could you image just playing for 2 hours without your mom saying, "it's time to go" a 1000 times. They were so hot and sweaty and had a great time. Then on the way home, one of the 2 buses broke down so they packed as many kids as is legal on 1 bus and a bunch of the moms with kiddos got off by Easterday's shop in Pasco. We called Julie Reed (a mom who took her kid after they were done playing) and hijacked an Easterday rig to get us all home. It was a fun way to end the fieldtrip.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How I love BB and VB!!

Basketball and volleyball have started. Lexi and Summer are both going to basketball camp for 6 more days and Lexi starts volleyball tonight with her first practice and then first game on Monday which is also Summer's last music concert. It's a busy time of year!!