Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The "Sara's"

OK, just so everyone knows, we are THRILLED that Lex wants to look like Sarah P. or Sara N. We think both of them are cute, especially Sara N.


Ok, I have a pretty nice camera and my secret dream is to be a good photographer. So this holiday I took my kids pics to try to get some good enough for the wall. Here's what I did. What do you think? Brek is alot harder to get a good pic of because he moves so much but I will keep trying. I think the background and setting and what make these pics so great.

Lexi's new Glasses

Lexi got new glasses because her old ones are HURTING!! They are at present held together by hotglue. She loves her new glasses. She calls them Sarah Palin's. Eric calls them Sara Nielson's. Do you think they are cute? In about 6 months (after the newness wears off) I'm sure she'll be sporting an new look, contacts.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Morning

We had a fun Christmas morning at our own house and then left to Freeman's for a little while and then on to Nielson's. Lexi got an Ipod, Sum a doll with a horse, Bode more geotrax (airplanes) and Brek a big, fluffy dog.

Christmas EVE

We had a fun Christmas Eve with our Nielson Cousins. Here are a few of the pics of the Nativity.Summer as Mary and the angelThe animals and Mary, Joseph and baby JesusSamuel the LamaniteThe 3 wise men

The shepherds and the donkey, cow and sheep

Friday, December 19, 2008

2008 Christmas Letter

Dear Family and Friends!!
Merry Christmas!! We have had a busy year as I’m sure all of us have. Some of the highlights are:

BREK KOLLIN: Born January 18, 2008. What a fun addition to our family. He is a maniac crawler and walks along the furniture and between people but hasn’t got the nerve to just stand up and start walking. He LOVES Bode and laughs at him. He also can tolerate the girls and all the things they do to him. He has teeth and is still teething. We are so blessed to have him in our lives.

BODE: turned 5 in May and so after a series of shots (I didn’t get them for him until later in life), he was ready to go to school in August as a Kindergartener. SOOO HARD!! I have a tough time sending him everyday. He just seems too little. He struggled at first with school and rules but now he’s settled into the whole routine and can you believe it, HE’S READING!! Unbelievable that these tiniest are reading and the demands of time that they have on them. He’s still a farm boy at heart and any chance he gets to stay home with mom, he will. Bode also lost his first tooth and is teething also.

SUMMER: turned 10 this year. She was able to be in band this year and is playing the flute and she practices EVERY day, several times a day, the same songs over and over. I beg her “to turn the page” and start on a new song. She has a whole mouth full of metal which includes a spreader for her palette and braces on every tooth that she has. All of her adult teeth haven’t come in yet so she’s teething also and when they do come in, brackets will be put on them and they will be wired into the braces. She’s a great babysitter and would much prefer to do that to any cleaning or working outside or anything like that. We love her fun personality.

LEXI: turned 12 this year which meant, YW, make-up, high heels and getting her ears pierced (that was interesting). She also started 7th grade and is having a great time with new friends and old friends and growing up. She is the Secretary in the small BeeHive Class. She’s playing a little VB and BB and has asked if she can play tennis?? That ought to be fun!! She’s a great big sister and helper around the house. She still likes school and does very well. She could be teething as well because she has to get her 12 year old molars.

TRICIA: had another baby in January, so glad it’s not this time last year, I wasn’t feeling very good as I was pregnant and my wisdom teeth were killing me. So after Brek in January, I had my wisdom teeth pulled, OUCH, but what a relief!! I’ve kept myself busy with chasing kids around to all their activities and games, doing a little volunteering at the school, referring a few VB games at the Jr High, scrapbooking, sewing, working with my vinyl. I’m still in RS Presidency and love it. It’s incredible to see the behind scenes of the good sisters in this area as they go out and do kind deeds for others. I’m also a blogger so to get everyday stuff on us you can go to

ERIC: our hero and provider for all the things we have. He has been busy with farming and cowboying. It’s funny to watch him try to be a cattleman. He has a bruise right now from a steer that kicked him. He is still ward activities chairman and has a big to-do this year as we are trekking in June as a ward. He also farms our little plot of acreage around our house and keeps himself busy trying to pick up the slack that I can’t. He’s a great daddy (especially to our teenager types) and husband. We love him and are so glad that he loves his job and comes home with some $ to support us.

We hope that this letter find you all well and healthy. We look forward to this time of year with great hope and love for our Savior. How appreciative we for the great sacrifice that our Savior preformed on our behalf. We know there would be no reason for Christmas if there wasn’t an Easter.

Thursday, December 18, 2008



Saturday, December 13, 2008

Lexi and Summer's Friend Gifts

What do you think? They are wooden letters that I purchased at Walmart for $2.88 and then we put scrapbook paper on them with Mod Podge, attached ribbon, buttons, beads, flowers, bows and WAH LAA. There you have it. The first intitals for their good friends. We spent the afternoon making them (or maybe I did). Lexi stuck with it pretty well until she got into a show but she did alot of the tracing and cutting of the paper. SOO cute!! What do you think of the wrapping?

Friday, December 12, 2008

More Projects

As you can tell I have been very busy doing vinyl projects. Here's some cute one's I did recently. I will try to get pics of them when they are all finished. Don't you love them!!On this one, she's going to put on some claps so that she can hold her kids art work on it. SOO CUTE!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Latest Creation!!

What am I thinking. I need to come up with this stuff sooner than 2 weeks before Christmas. I'm doing these Christmas balls for my VTing Sisters and families and my partner, etc. I bought the plastic balls at Walmart (med sized) $5/for 6. Then I just cut the vinyl and stuck it on there. I will show you more when I get them packaged!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


For those of you who didn't win in my drawing, you get a 30% discount on your next order of vinyl. Thanks for participating!! Please send me your email so I can send you a coupon!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Are you the lucky one??

And we have a winner, or two!!! I used to pick my numbers and here are the results of my drawing...(drumroll please)...
Serve the Lord-Kira Lee and Jande McGary (Why do you girls have to grow up and change your names???)
Stockings were hung-RNewey Family and Jennifer (Weston) Nielson
Flower-Jenny Hokanson and Danell Naef
Pencils-Jennifer (Bret) Nielson and Jenni
Christmas-Katie and Sabrina
For everyone who didn't win, send me your snail mail and I'll send you a little treat too, cuz everyone's a winner!!

Ok email me with info like snail mail, colors and names of teachers etc. Please do it ASAP so I can get it sent out to you. Thanks for participating and be watching for another giveaway in the near future!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Give Away Time

Ok do I have time to do this, YES!! I'm starting my give away!! Please leave a comment and I will randomly pick the winners at the end of the week. Most of the things I'm giving away are JUST the vinyl not the boards or tiles they are on. It's too hard to ship them, etc. Not exactly these, but 9" JOY for your home. 1 set

Biggest size 14 x 11 /2 to give away. Color choice black, white, cream, choc brown, tan

Not the board just the gold vinyl size 4 x 22/2 to give away.

24 x 24 inches only in black or white/2 to give away

Just the vinyl not the cups or pencils. Customized for your teachers. Max of 4/household. 2 sets to give away. Color choice: black, white, cream, maroon, choc brown, tan, purple, gold, silver.

Red writing/green trees 3 x 24/2 to give away

THANKS for reading my blog!! And good luck. I will draw on Sunday!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving and Black Friday

The holiday weekend is over!! We had a great time with all of the Freeman's. ALL of Eric's siblings and their children excluding Aaron (on a mission in the Phillipines) came to Grandma's house. We had lots of fun. The kids played alot of games and outside. We did alot of visiting and eating. It's hard to go back to "normal" life after such a fun weekend. Here are a few pics of the weekend. For the Nielson's, we do have a Christmas present. We did get to have family pictures. Here are some pics.Jayson, Charie's oldest, Lexi and Ryker, Ray's middle.Emma Sue, yes her real name is Emma Sue, Ame's baby.Maci, Tyson's Middle, Parker, Chaelaine's baby and Brek
Josie, Jason's oldest, Charie and Camilla, Charie's baby