Sunday, January 27, 2013

Jr Cheer Camp

All the Cheerios got to cheer together for jr cheer camp. Here are some of the pictures from it. In the second picture, you can see the back of Sum's head. The wrestling Cheerios didn't know any of the cheers that football and bb knew so they were learning. In the next pic, Sum is way over under the orange back board. In the next picture, she's on the back row.

Sunday relaxing

So is it right to craft on Sundays?? Well that's what I've been doing today. Here's what I've come up with. K the basketball vinyl (since I know my sisters will ask. Mostly cuz they are the only ones who read my blog :-) is for the senior gifts. They are 7 seniors on the bb team. I found the basketballs at the $ store!! Score!!!! K the blink vases are for New Beginnings. I was asked to go all out on decor and what better way then to use a whole bottle of Elmer's glue. I have never used a whole bottle of glue before. And put a whole lot of glitter on it. If you need 10 blinked vases, I'm your gal!! Then I saw the Me + You heart on Pinterest and actually Christine Jenks beat me to the punch and asked me to do vinyl for them and she gave me 2 extra ones!! I gave one as a wedding gift and kept one for meeee!! I saw the frame on Pinterest too and made it and want to make another one to go with it to hang in my windows. So busy day of church with a little craft on the side :-).

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Olds jr high and wrestling

The pictures of bb game are taken in the new jr high gym. I was sitting where the according wall and scoreboard were and looking across the gym to where the bleachers and doors were. There is only one door on that wall now right in the middle of the room and then one door going outside to the road where the spartan was painted on the outside of the wall and another door exactly opposite that leading into the new hallway. They raised the ceilings considerably. The school is beautiful. You now enter the school where that outside pit of cement was. There's a big beautiful entrance there. And the other pictures are of Bode at wrestling being the towel boy. He let's the ref know when the time is up.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Brek turns 5

And he wouldn't let anyone forget it that his birthday was coming. Every day he would ask how many more days til his birthday. It became quite annoying. I'm glad I'm not feeling like I did 5 years ago. I just wasn't a very good pregnant lady. His birth was by far the most traumatic of all my kids births. Can you believe it? I was so scared that I was going to have to a c section. I clearly wasn't thinking clearly. I should have considered the health of my baby over my one fears of being cut. Then he had a little scare in the night that made me fall apart all over again. The nurse thought he might have sleep apnea kinda serious for babies well serious for everyone. She got me all worked up. Eric kept it together and stayed up with Brek all night but I couldn't handle it and I went to sleep. I knew we were going to have bury another baby I'm such an optimist aren't I? But he had just a little to much fluid swallowed during birth that was it. Oh thank goodness. He has been a fun kid to end with. He will talk to any stranger about almost any subject. We love you Breky!!

Senior night and vinyl

I know I don't have a senior but Sum has to give gifts to seniors on the wrestling team and the Cheerios. So after 3 days of designing, weeding and measuring. This is what we came up with. I hope the kids like them!! There's always that moment when you're not sure. And the best part is Sum helped! Oh yeh and that doesn't count shop time which I didn't have to do cuz I made my friend do it for me :-)

Friday, January 18, 2013

Explanations on photos

So there are some Christmas morning photos. Bode's spanks are his most favorite piece of clothing to hang in...his Roos except he wears boxers. The rattlesnakes are from Jenny Hokansons brother. He lives in AZ and found this little treat in one of his "pipes". There were at least 6 snakes in there. Interesting thing is they just put the lid back on and walked away. No snake stew!! Can you believe it Ki? I was shocked! Spongebob is Brek's pinewood derby car. What other pictures are on there. Oh yeh, the scarf that mom made for Lex. What else? Is that it? Oh the tree is the bulletin board in progress for the primary room. Van door taped closed. It did prevent a lot of noise and actually the other day I slammed the drivers door and the slider closed!! So right now, all doors are closed. Two people enter through the front and everyone else has to climb in the back hatch including girls in dresses. Talk about embarrassing. We are a piece of work aren't we??

Thursday, January 17, 2013

So busy, so here's some pictures

Here's so photos from the happenings of the months past.