Thursday, October 11, 2007

A case of mistaken identity???

OK, we have a case of mistaken indentity. Our baby girl miraclously turned into a baby boy. When I called Eric to tell him these change of plans, he couldn't stop laughing. He was thrilled. Then when I came home and we talked, he said something to the effect that hadn't I been making deals with the Lord to get this baby to change. NO, I hadn't been making deals. I kind of have embraced the idea of a girl and had thought how cute girl clothes were and all those dresses that I have made could be used again and my sis-in-law was going to give me tons of girl clothes. Not now!! I still don't know if I believe it. I think that I will be taking 2 outfits to the hospital. Mijken even said maybe it's twins. If it is then I don't know where the other baby is hiding. So for now baby is boy, Kollin for a middle name is going to work alot better but we really have no first name. I like Shad but Eric didn't think that Shad would like that too much Ithought Becky probably wouldn't like it that much either. So we're back on the name hunt.


wyomingerica said...

Shad is cute. You think about what people will think to much. I like Shad and it isn't very common.

Nielson Family said...

How exciting! We love little boys...When is your due date Trish?

Bybee Family said...

Well Boddy will love that to have a little brother. Congrats!