Tuesday, November 13, 2007

My email is terrible...

Ok, I have been having a lot of problems with my email. I can't respond or send any emails from it so that's why I have replied or sent any emails. I had Dr. yesterday after waiting like 3 hours. A little girl in the office threw up twice. I felt bad for her mom but the gma was there to take care of her. Of course, she threw up right when it was her mom's turn to see the dr. I know I sure wouldn't give up my spot if I was getting to see the dr. My kid would have to be dying. The nurse that saw me wasn't too happy that the mom stayed for her appointment. I knew exactly how the mom felt. I always think when I have to sit there for 3 hours that I'm not going to do that again and then I talk to the dr. and he's so nice and kind and makes up for all the rudeness of his staff, that I don't want to leave. But I think that I will after this baby. Again the baby is having an indentity crisis. Dr. looked really hard and just wouldn't quite commit to a boy 100%. So I don't know. the other thing is that baby is measuring between 2-3 weeks bigger than it should be, possible gestation diabetes. But my regualr problems with preg are great. He will probably take the stitch out and baby won't come until 4 weeks later and be 11 pounds. Actually, he told me he wouldn't let me go that long. Thank goodness for that. I'm getting to experience all the other things that I've never experience with preg. Other than that, everyone is fine. The trial was really sad and hard. Kyle William sobbed pretty much the whole time and when he asked if he could address the court, he couldn't speak. There is some info from the Seattle media if you want to see it.
Talk to you later. I'm working on changing my email. It should take about 50 years since I have so many emails to transfer over. So check our junk box for an email from me with a new address.