Saturday, October 31, 2009

GWL year 2

We made our annual trek to Great Wolf Lodge with our good friends The Naef's. Some of the highlights were...

-A 5 am phone call asking if we were missing a blonde headed little girl. She had left her room in the night and couldn't tell the front desk which room was hers. We checked. All of our kids were in bed but about 10 minutes later, we heard the knocks at our next door neighbors'. It took about 5 minutes to raise someone in their room. I think the girl made it back to her parents.

-Eric throwing up in the garbage can at the bottom of -not the howling tornado- but the "easy family ride". At least he didn't throw up on the ride!!-Brek really didn't like the water too much. He spent most of his time in this Ice Cream Truck and pretty much thought he owned the thing. The pic of him with the little girl is the only time I didn't see him sitting in the drivers' seat.

-All kinds of teenage stuff and quite of bit of tweeny stuff too
-Bode's solution to getting shoes on??
-All kinds of wild animals in and out of the water.
-Lots of fun in the wave pool-WARNING-sorry some of my shots have bikinis in the them!
-A downpour of rain on the way home and a traffic jam on I-90 while we passed about 10 miles of an army convoy. All the truckers had to get into the left lane which took a long time for everyone to get through.
-A government transportation PU parking right behind our van at a rest area? Don't ask me why unless they didn't want us to leave suddenly?? We were able to get out without hitting it-weird!!
All in all, we had a great time!! It is so much fun. There were more people there this year than last but it still wasn't packed. You didn't have to wait any kind of time to ride on any of the slides. Can't wait for next year!!


wyomingerica said...

it looks like lots of fun, did you get your ring back yet. I'm excited to see how it turned out.