Monday, November 9, 2009

The Princess and the Pea

Here are pictures of the play that Summer and Bode were in last week. Missoula Children's Theatre comes every yr to one of the 3 Elementaries in the district-so we're on a 3 yr rotation-and it was BC turn this yr. Summer was a citizen of Riverdom and Bode was a dusty bunny from under the bed. They had a fun time and enjoyed themselves. Of course, we couldn't hear them at all. Actually really couldn't hear anyone except Owen H. who did a great job saying his lines loud and clear. I'm glad it's over as it was alot of late nights for them-out until 7 for 3 nights in a row for Summer-that's not coming home from school either. So until next time, in 3 yrs. Here is my kids acting debut!