Tuesday, January 12, 2010

When being 2 is just as good as being 1


Can you believe this was my baby 2 years ago. My how time flies!! Really can it have been 2 years since you were born, Brek. I'm so glad that I'm not living my life 2 years ago because I sure wasn't feeling very good then.
But ON TO THE BABY (yes we still call him THE BABY)Blowing out candles that he's really not interested in. No he didn't blow them out at all, our cousin, Jeff did. Which was fine.Rainbow cake that I decided to make. After the last episode with the cupcakes, you think I would learn. WHYWHYWHY?? Am I taking a very unprofessional cake to my MIL's house when she decorates cakes. Again, what am I thinking? I can't decorate cakes or food of any kind, why do I think that I can?? As you can see a VERY feeble attempt at and complete failure of decorating. But the kids liked it.
You are all boy. In love with tractors, cars, Nemo, tractors, no clothes, bathes, tractors, screaming, running, did I mention tractors??We sure love you and are so glad that you came to our little family! Here we are on the way home. Exhausted! And oh so incredibly safe!!