Tuesday, February 2, 2010

WHOOAAA!! What just happened!!

Lexi had a game tonight against Royal. She struggled last week in her last two game, in fact, losing against Finley (but she was high point with a womping 4 point-they had 11 and lost 17-11) but she also fouled out. But tonight, it was a whole new ball player. She did foul-smart fouls though-or smarter fouls, stopping girls from having a clean shot at the basket. But she scored 15 points including 3 freethrows!! I couldn't believe it!! She was high point tonight too and her best friend, Shayla, got to play with her-Shay usually plays on the 8th grade team. Shay made 10 points. Oh yeh, sad score 37-1. I was so glad they made 1 point!! At least!! Lexi's coach is an LDS guy from Connell and he asked her if she read her scriptures this morning because she did so good. He had to bench her to keep her from scoring more points!! It was a fun night for the team!!