Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Well, it came and went. We were busy but didn't do anything other than hang out with family. Eric's oldest sister's youngest son received his endowments on Saturday morning in preparation for a mission to Farmington, New Mexico. All of the Washington Freemans were here. Eric's sister, Charie had a baby boy on Sept. 1st so they weren't able to come but were here in spirit. We played with the Freemans on Saturday and Sunday and then Monday we stayed home until 5 and went to a bbq at Gma Nielson's house. It was fun. They invited their neighbors over which is the cowboy and his wife and their cutie kiddos. Then after that we came home and got ready for bed. No we didn't get to see Boise State, we did get to see BYU. But now know that BSU's game was really exciting!! Go Broncos!!