Thursday, December 16, 2010

Questions answered

We borrowed Hawkins enclosed trailer and put all of the livingroom furniture in it and laid the carper (Dad and Eric) in the livingroom on Tuesday night until 7 pm while mom and I moved furniture around in my bedroom and got the old carpet up and the staples out of it. Then Eric and I moved all the furniture out of our bedroom and made the livingroom a bedroom (the kids LOVED that) for Tuesday night. Eric and I also laid the pad on Tuesday night. Then dad came back over in the am on Wednesday and he and I laid carpet from 8 until 10 when Eric showed up to stretch and kick, etc (all the hard work) and mom and I cleaned other areas of the house. I love it. It looks really good next to the hard wood which was kind of a shot from the hip because I kept forgetting to take a sample of my hard wood with me. The other bedrooms don't have new carpet. Eric says next time we are hiring it done. I tried to talk him into this time but he wouldn't talk-he's never laid carpet before and never will again. I have totally rolled in it, smelled it, kissed it, wanted to marry it. It's so great. I can't wait for everyone to see it! As for furniture. Even my yucky couches look good on my new carpet. Eric made the statement that now we need new furniture so I'm all over that. We are looking on Craigslist.


wyomingerica said...

Im so excited for you, can't wait to see it.

Countrylivn' said...

You have to learn the hard way about laying carpet (meaning doing it yourself) before you will hire it done, but atleast it is done now! I would be all over that furniture comment too! I want to live by mom and dad.......and you!

courtney said...

I am excited that you got new carpet! Our house has 40 year old carpet in it and it is gross! We are putting new carpet in in February when we get our tax return, Jared and I can hardly wait! We'll have to juggle all our furniture into the garage while we do the whole house...looks like a hard job by what I have seen from you guys!