Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Summer's Basketball team

Olds Jr High C Team Basketball Team 2011-Summer's 7th Grade year. 15 girls and 8 games later. They only lost 2 girls during the season that quit. They only lost 2 games also. Cute picture of Summer. I don't understand why we pay a certain company a lot of money for them to take a good picture-Sum looks good-but my word, look at the background!! Go to the high school and use their gym, which might be a coach's problem and not the photographer's problem.

Watching someone shoot freethrows. Time out
Watching someone shoot a freethrow with her original hands on her hips. You'll notice, she does that alot. Playing a wing, yeh!!
Hustling back to play offense.
During a timeout. Notice her hands. Asking or listening but it looks like she's talking.
During halftime, trying to get a ball The two who DO NOT LIKE to go to ball games actually smiling??!!
Listening during a timeout.
Run, baby run!! Playing defense on the wrong side and playing a POST??? Hello the shortest girl against the tallest girl!!
Playing offense against as a post??
She's in the far right side of the picture.You can only see the top of her head behind the balding ref.
Where she spent most of the season, on the bench. I think she might have played at total of 12 minutes the whole season. She didn't get to play much.