Sunday, March 27, 2011

I posted

on the wrong site. If you want to see some happening, go to my craft blog. I posted something on there.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Eric

It was Eric's birthday on Wed. We celebrated Tues night cuz the girls would be gone to mutual. He got a card, cake and some new ties. I don't know if he will wear them because he says their too wide, will make too big of a knot. I said big knots are in. I think I married my dad. Not willing to change!! ;-} Enjoying birhtdya cake.


Blue frosting on his face.

Brek was so excited about this cake. Of course, it's ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and he told everyone he saw in town that we had cake for daddy and we needed to get candles. We talked to alot of people.

Daddy let Brek blow out the candles. We're missing one cause he was having an attitude problem.

There's the attitude.

Smile everyone. The teenagers were being good. No funny faces.

Eric said I'm not 44, I'm only 43 and I said well if your only 43 than I'm only 38.

Burn down the house!!

Yummy cake!