Monday, April 25, 2011

It's that time of the year...

My 3 boys driving down Klamath Hill. Thank goodness for good neighbors. They were on their way to borrow John Salisbury's spring harrow.

3 heads poking up. These 3 have stole my heart.

Look how green it is getting in the basin.

We're busying farming like everyone else in the basin, northwest and US. We are getting our little plot of soil ready for corn to be planted. It's always creepy when we have corn. It's like we put up a big yellow neon arrow pointing to our house saying "Ok, Aliens, this is where we live. Come to our house and build your crop circle so you can summon all your alien friends to our planet." Because of that, that might be the only reason why I like having a body of water close by. Because we all know aliens don't like water!! (If you don't understand why I'm saying all this, watch the movie SIGNS. Then everything will make sense.) Oh yeh that's Lexi driving out there!!


Countrylivn' said...

We are in full swing too, lonely days! Way to go Lexi!

courtney said...

I totally knew what you were refering too! I think of Jared when I see tht show, Tall, skinny men...but in a more loving way!