Thursday, May 12, 2011

Happy Birthday Bode

Here's my million dollar baby. For some reason I can't find any digital ictures of Bode as an infant. I might have still been using film back then. Bode was born at 10:02 pm May 12, 2003. He came to a very excited and grateful house full of girls (and a dad). I layed on my back for 5 months, 5 weeks of that were in the hospital. We moved our house to a different location in the time also so my kiddos and Eric lived with my parents while I lived at the hospital. It was a hard time to be apart. I remember Danell Naef would bring me contraband from Wendy's so I wouldn't have to eat hospital food all the time. Kris, my sis, kept me well stocked in reading material. Rhinda Davidson came and gave me a mani. Lots of people visited and showed their love for our family. Every Thursday, dinner was brought-can you believe that for 5 months. That's true dedication by great ward members. I'm sure I don't know half of the events and blessing that my family received from our ward and community family. My mom was incredible and in fact even noticed the way Eric liked his shirts hung and hung them that way just for him. We were truly blessed. And then this fun boy we had been waiting for for so long came into our lives. His delivery was the most peaceful and quiet and spiritual delivery of my baby bearing events. For a week, he didn't cry until his "boy" procedure was done and then he didn't stop crying. He started walking while Eric was on a trip to John Deere in Iowa. He is busy, busy, busy and has a tough time sitting still. He is so excited to be a cub scout. Finally I have a child in cub scouts. I'll probably get released!! He's a great big brother. He takes care of Brek very well and when Brek hits Bode, Bode doesn't hit back. He will hit the girls but not his lil brother. Here are some pictures I found of him. Enjoy

A super hero

A princess finder

Opening presents on his birthday this morning.

A swimmer

A lego builder

A scripture reader

We love you Bode!


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happy birthday Bode