Sunday, June 12, 2011

Happy Birthday to ME!!!

If you didnt know today is my birthday ;D June 12th. Dont forget it. Haha soooo here's just some awesome pics of my b-day at grandma Nielson's house:) ENJOY!!!!

Me looking at the camera, makin' sure i look smokin' in every pic;) haha jk :P

Opening my present......well brek opening my present but thats otay!!!:) It was a supremely legit beach towel, sketchers flip flops and a bomb-diggity awesomespice adidas backpack.....bright yellow I'll have you know! YAAAAAAAY:D

My b-day cake, and no. It's NOT 51, it's 15 I'll have you know. haha ANYWAYS me making a funny face while Brek whines about wanting to blow out the candles (I let him cuz I'm an awesome sister) :)

And Brek blowing out the candles, what a cutie!! He missed the first time tho......but I still love him!!!:) Oh and sorry about the big spaces in between pics the blogger thing is being LAME so anyways......

¡Feliz cumpleaƱos a ME!

hahaha sanks for reading dis!!!
Laterz awesome:)



Countrylivn' said...

OH DEAR, do you ever have a full blown teenager! I am so old! You are so old!
Yes Lex you do look smokin hot in all of the pictures, your poor parents!

courtney said...

I was reading this and really confused because I was thinking all along that it was Trish's birthday and enjoying the slang talk but thinking that it was strange too! Anyways, Happy birthday Lex!