Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First ummm...scratch that..second day of school

These actual first day of school pictures that my friend took for me. Bode is with his teacher Mrs. Flanigan in his 3rd grade classroom.

which is actually the third day of school because BCE was cancelled on the first day because the Basin City water supply is contaminated with ecoli. Nice huh!! Anyway, you would have thought with one more full day to prepare for the first day of school pictures, I would have done better but alas I didn't. I still haven't gotten pictures of the girls and they both have looked so cute and stylish!! ;-} Bode has Mrs. Flanigan as his 3rd grade teacher. He has alot of his friends in his class so it should be a great year for him!! He is playing his first season of lil guy football. As usual, he has the potential to be great but doesn't have the drive yet. Lexi has chemistry, seminary (with a new teacher which she really likes but we still miss Edmonds), world history, honors english, yearbook, choir, and algebra II. They are both playing volleyball again this year which leaves me running to alot of different places. Summmer is taking world history, PE, choir, drama-which she loves, english, pre-algebra, and science. Also note the completed building-except shelves inside and doorknob. I haven't moved in yet but can't wait too!!! The baby is going to momma school along with Trigger. Every hour Brek asked where Bode, Sissy and Lexi were. He will probably have the hardest time of all of this because he has to play with me...wait maybe I will have the hardest time with this because he has to play with me. If you noticed behind him, is a new door. I'm sure you love the doorknob too. Yes we are trying a new trend. The plaid shirt stuffed into the doorknob holes is all the rage right now. Someone needs to get to town to get knobs.


Kiley said...

There's a yearbook class? That's cool. Is Summer 8th grade this year? We're glad you posted the first day of school, now we're waiting for Mijken to post their first day of school.