Thursday, March 7, 2013

Does this remind you of June?

I was asked to decorate a table for our RS Birthday Dinner.  They ask me to decorate in the theme of June.

There's a birthday candle on the table for us June birthday girls.  You can see July's table in the background.

Mostly I just keep thinking of Nebraska and all the sunflowers there.  I'm making a June sign so that people know that it's the June table.

I got most of my supplies at the $ store and the cullender  and round bush at Hobby Lobby.


wyomingerica said...

it look so cute

Countrylivn' said...

It reminds me of 7 brides for 7 brothers, and they want to get married in June, and have a baby right off, in the spring. Oh they say when you marry in june..... I think you hit it right on the head! What a fantastic idea for all of the tables, I like it!

Kiley said...

I was thinking of 7 brides too. Funny. Sunflowers in Nebraska bloom in late summer (August & September), but I'm guessing no one in Washington will know that. Looks good.

Kristin said...

I hate to say it but my first thought on June, (after looking at the picture and thinking "cute table"), was of irrigation boots, shovels, hay bales and sprinkler lines. Harder to make a table out of that.