Monday, May 6, 2013

Prom and decor

Lexi and Brenden had a great time a Prom.  It was a 2 day affair because on Saturday morning all that were in their group had to take the SAT except Joslyn Empey.  So on Friday night, they went and stood in line at the movie theatre for 1hr 1/2 to get into Iron Man.  Then after the SAT, they went bowling.  Then the girls were brought home and they got ready and ate a delicious dinner at Empeys.  Then they went to the dance.  All of the juniors in our ward went together to Prom, Lex, Brenden, Brent and Logan.  Lexi's dress was a huge success.  Everyone loved it.  I haven't looked at the hem to see how dirty it got.  And she doesn't looked to washed out at all.Picture at Holst's house.

Verlyn Schwendiman Lemon made the flowers, which included a bracelet on the corsage that Lex can wear later.

All the Jr girls, well some of them.

They bought these Oakleys sunglasses together last year, you know go together on a deal and get a better price.  So they had to have a picture or two in them.

They really look nice together and Lex knows how to pose!



wyomingerica said...

makes me sad I have boys :(. I bought a suit for Christmas is the only preparation I got to do for prom. The decorations look good

Kiley said...

Is that how you spell botineirre? I never would have guessed. I'm glad you took a picture of the back of her hair. I was wondering what her hair thing looked like. The sleeves turned out really good. I think my favorite picture is Summer helping her get ready. What a treasure!

Courtney Heath said...

That is such a pretty dress! YOu did a nice jjob on it! I kinda wish you had one with Eric holding a shot gun but I guess that would have given the little boys ideas...