Friday, July 19, 2013

Bode's class field trip

Bode's 4th grade class went to the Whitman mission outside of Walla Walla. Here are the pictures. It was a fun day. Not too hot. 

Freeman family reunion-ish

The Freeman's always love a good party with food and fun. Many of our cousins come randomly thru out the summer. Here are some pictures of chaelaine's  and Charie's recent visits. 

Eric's bday

Love this farmer of mine. Such a hard worker and great husband. Gives me almost anything I want (almost). Happy Birthday!

Bode's Bday

A little late.  But the same old birthday towel, Lone Ranger Legos and random other stuff. Amazing thing is that it was 10+ years ago that I was laying flat on my back doing nothing but surfing the Internet while Bode baked ;-). Don't want to go back to that time. Love you bud!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Random shots

This is the one of the drs that preformed my surgery. 

Just being silly. 
The mall with a Walmart in it. 
I had 3 sips of this. Then I was done. 
They sell everything in Walmart including, motorcycles, furniture, and big items. 

Cool pond that had fish and turtles in it at the mall. 
Playing in revolving doors. 

Holding the fountain bowl. 

Bum pics and policeman in the road

Homeless man is by the dark car that is parked by the sidewalk and the small food cart. 

Policeman directing traffic in the middle of the road. 

Bum walking down the middle of the road. 
This is the road he patrolled. 
Each car that stopped, he would ask for $ or food. 
Fountain outside of hotel. 
Nighttime shot from our hotel window.