Friday, November 1, 2013

Sometimes things don't look better in the morning...

We had a very sad thing happen last night. Several hay stack were burned. The one right next to our house was one. Actually it started on one stack and the heat was so intense that it caught a second stack on fire. They were able to save a third stack by squeezing the hay away from the flames. A farmer from Pasco sent 4 squeezes to help. I also know that Mike Corrales lost 3 stacks but again it could be because one was set on fire and then others than caught fire. Eric went to help. The one close to our house had equipment by it to so we didn't know about it until we heard the tires exploding on the trailer that burned. It was a devastated night. Funny that happened though. We were sitting in our van watching and I got pulled over by a cop in my driveway. A side note... I have lost my drivers license so I have no ID so he asks for ID I'm sitting in my newly purchased van which isn't in my name because I discovered I had no ID when we went to buy the van and so it couldn't be put in my name, my kids are all in the car, all the neighbors are driving by seeing what's going on, I'm in my Jammie's with no bra on and I'm getting pulled my driveway!!  My heart is breaking for our neighbors and friends!  This stack yard alone was $800000. Boo to mean people!!

Pumpkin Patch Kinder Style

Brek's first field trip was to the Merc's Pumpkin Patch. He has a really fun teachers and so really fun friends. 

Summer Dancing

Summer loves to go to Stake Dances. Youka Haylee and Summer got invited to go to Othello's Stake Dance. They had a great time and met a lot of Royal kids. Connell had just played Royal in football the night before and was too happy when they said they were from Royal because we beat them. Opps!

First Broken Bone Ever

And I can't believe that it was this kid and not Bode. They were playing football running thought the house and he hit the couch. He broke his arm on the humerous his upper arm close to the elbow. It has been very dramatic. He has been in a lot of pain until he got his hard cast a week later and that night when I checked on him, he had both arms above his head sleeping so I knew that it had to be feeling better cuz he actually moved it. 

At the ER in Othello Sunday October 20
At the dr (Eric Lowe) on Monday October 28 getting the hard cast. 

Break is on the back of the bone where the bone looks like it has a nick out of it. 
New blue cast shopping and moving it finally after of week of not moving it. He has to wear it for at least 2 more weeks. 


After a slide. Didn't feel very good. 
This is about the only time I saw Bode. 
Girls vegging out. 
This funny video game. 
Love some Sheffield Cider. 
Catching up on Downyon. 

Having some DQ. 
Our room. 
We love going to GWL. It's always so much fun!  

Homecoming Senior Year

Lexi got asked to Homecoming by Korbin Merrill, Lisa Casper Merrill and Todd Merrill's son. They had a wonderful time. Here are some shots of getting ready , etc.