Thursday, September 13, 2007

My family is full of genuises

Ok Lexi drove Eric's PU for the first time tonight. He was burning weeds. Eric said she did a really good job except when it came to turn corners and stuff. She got stuck a sandy spot but Eric put it in 4 wheel and she was able to go. She didn't drive all over the road like she used to. When Eric was driving home though, he let the kids ride on the burn tank, I know real smart and SOOO safe, He told me he was watching the kids, yeh he'll watch them fall right off of the tank and he'll watch them get run over. That's when the howling started for Lexi. Here she can drive this huge PU but the second Eric goes a little bit faster than a snail, like turtle speed, she starts freaking!! So as you can see, our family is full of genuises as she can drive at 11 but not hang on!!


wyomingerica said...

Fun pictures, I tried to call you yesterday, all day long. Your line was busy.