Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Welcome Baby number 21

My parents are grandparents again with Mijken's baby GIRL!!! (What??? Ryan and Eric can't seem to figure out the boy stuff) She is #10 of the girl grandbabies. I know the blanket that my mom made her could have gone either way but it was pretty country and boy looking. My mom did take fabric, quilt makings to her house so maybe she will end up with a cute girl quilt and Mikey had also bought some cute girl fabric when we were reunioning in July. Hopefully baby Claire will have something to come home in. Her hair is red and curly??? Curly is exceptable but red??? Actually her mom-in-law is on the verge of red and they do have a Telford cousin that has flaming red hair. Doing good here other than the cats are stuck between the insultation and the floor boards of the house and I think I have a touch of the flu this morning. I was supposed to teach preschool and have VTers but had to cancel both. Bode woke up this morning and yelled "Yeh!! It's preschool day today." Then I had to break the bad news to him. Poor kid. He really likes preschool. He wrote his name on the back of the van in the dirty window. Mom and the kids added this fun border to my flower bed on Sat. It was a lot of work for mom as I laid on my couch. What a rough life I live. This is the "cat hole" in our front deck and the lovely board we use to cover the cat hole when we are expecting company.


wyomingerica said...

Did you hear how much she weigh or anything. I tell you what I need to figure out how to get on the call list.

Jennifer said...

Yeah for baby girls! Trish I had no idea you were pregnant again!!! How exciting...Promise me no hospital stays without me...That is tradition now you know...I didn't know I was suppose to be pregnant again...You should have called me...lol...so how far along are you?

Summer Freeman said...

I'm at 20 weeks. I'm not planning on any hospital stays but I have my scrapbooking mags in case that happens.