Monday, November 24, 2008

Black Friday

Are you all going shopping on black Friday??? I am enrolled on a website that has posted MANY of the Black Friday ads already. Here's the site You might have to sign up to see them but they are there!! Good luck shopping!! I'm still going to do my giveaway post. Just still trying to get organized!!


Amy said...

I love black Friday!! This year, since we only have a few places a bunch of us got together and are doing a huge sale!! I love the stuff I have found up here. I had never heard of Princess House, Party Lite, At Home America and Usborne Children's Books!! (By the time you add all of those we really have a lot of places to shop!!)
A group of us have upped our walking speed in preperation for is going to be nuts, supposedly the whole island show up!

Beth morgan said...

I'm up for Black Friday!!! First time in Oregon so we'll see what these Oregonians have in them!!! lol I've got a few friends together to go with but I definately want to check out that website to know what's good where, that will be key this year! I'm quite excited, it's the official kick off to Christmas! No, no snow yet. But the temps are dropping and we are in the freezing temps so I figure maybe as soon as this week...Love the snow and I have brand new tires for it!!!