Friday, November 7, 2008

Happy B-day Sis

Today is my sister, Erica's birthday. We had a LOT of fun growing up. We liked to play ball together and she hung out with me a little when I was a Senior and she was a Freshman. Then my parent's moved and she went with them and I stayed behind to finish high school. I guess that's when she decided she could do her own thing and have fun with her own friends. She's always liked clothes and style and stuff like that and still has a great talent for it. Growing up I didn't know that she would be such a great interior decorator but she is. She's also an incredible mom to 5 boys, hard!! I don't know that I could stand all that boy-ishness! However, it would be great for her to have a girl too!! Wasn't she a cute baby? Sorry about the pics as they were scanned with my "awesome" scanner and she looks kind of funky in some of them. Hope you have a great day. Do you have to work?
Her teeth are lookin' a little BLUE!!


wyomingerica said...

Thanks for the birthday wish, cute pictures. That dress was my favorite.