Tuesday, January 20, 2009


My van still has flat tires. I tried ti get it jacked up to find out that the jack had a stripped bolt!! That's good when you live out in the middle of no where and don't have a working jack!! We have been borrowing a car. Eric wants the van to go to town to get new tires. I just want the tires ti gi ti tiwn. WE'LL SEE WHAT HAPPENS. My babies are in Othello still at Sears. We ordered the pedestals for them. They won't be here until Thurs so we don't want to put them in the house until they are here. SO SAD!! Am I ever going to get my new laundermat?? SOON, I hope!! Oh yeh, I didn't make it on time to teach. My partner did it with out me. Also the grinding sound was fixed on the heater. It makes a different, not quiet, sound now. Hopefully everything is ok with it. Brek's bed is also in good repair right now too!!


jjfreeman4 said...

It sounds like you are still too busy! It is good to know that things are coming back together for you.