Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Jump up and click my heels together!! The community dinner is over. After months of planning, pleading and preparing, the dinner is over. It came off with not much problem. There's always a fear of having not enough food. We did good, well we had alot of extra food. And the food was to die for. Cody Easterday cooked tri-tip on his big cooking b-bue and we had broccoli (cooked to perfections by Aunt Lana) with cheese and a baker (grown by Eric last summer and saved for this event) and delicious cake with ice cream. The entertainment was unbelievable. We had the marimba band from the elementary, the jazz and ensemble choir from the high school. SOOO GOOD!! The kids are so talented. We planned on serving 250 people and we served 200. Alot of the community came which was great because we got to thank them for being so kind to each other. I hope that others will come back next year. Oh and the decorations!! Well, here's some pics of it. Colleen Gray and Barb Winder did an EXCELLENT job. They designed and then had people helping like me and Maria and Lindsey K. Just a great time.
Homemade carriage (made by Rulon Gray out of PVP) Yes even the wheels are heated PVP into a round, AMAZING!!Front door opener, I did this oneThis is what 29 tables look like in the gymCastle from our enchanted evening that you couldn't see because band equipment was always in the way!!Table decors, I made the programs, pruple castle looking thing!!


Countrylivn' said...

Wow, that was a lot of work, you guys have some cool extra curricular activities too, sounds like it turned out great! Another event to put down on your ever growing resume! haha!