Sunday, February 22, 2009

Out with the OLD, in with the NEW

Well, we had an eventful weekend!! Eric and I LEFT ALL of our children with Gma Nielson and drove up to Portland to look for a new van. We had checked out a few in Portland and Seattle on Craiglist. We found something we liked and we are now owners of a new van (Old) van and a payment.
So out with the old

-Bye, bye red
-No more broken windowshield wipers (front and back) or as Bode asked does the new van have a wiper that will "sweep" the back window.
-Can now MOVE the front seat (with automatic controls) unlike the handle that was broken off of the driver's seat.
-The jack works, don't have to worry about not being able to change a flat tire now because I don't have a jack that works
-Oh yeh, the transmission jerking and making funny movements, not a problem anymore

-2, count them, 2 automatic doors that OPEN!! No more yanking on the handles til they fall off!
-Oh one of the best things-headlights that WORK! I can actually see when I drive at night.
-That big "homemade" TV/DVD combo that I had in my old van, gone!! Built in DVD player in the roof as to minimize conjestion to the front of the vehicle.
Also, leather seats (heated in the front) Stow and Go in the back, room for luggage or the seats will lay down without having to take them out. And a whole bunch more neat things that I haven't figured out yet.I'M SOOOO EXCITED!!!!


Countrylivn' said...

I have been dying to know, it looks so nice, is it a dodge then? looks like fun!

wyomingerica said...

Doug guessed a Quest, Nissan? It looks great. Is it ready for a trip to Wyoming?

David and Kira said...

I love our Honda Odessey!! Aren't they just the best?! Young family, great car!!!

Tricia and Eric Freeman said...

Honda Odyssey is the brand, it was between that and a toyota sienna but the sienna (ALSO VERY DECKED OUT) was white and everyone in our ward and Eric's fam has white vans. I couldn't do it.

Nielson Family said...

Trish I love it! Congrats!