Thursday, August 13, 2009

The fruits of my neighbors hard work

Lexi has been feeding the neighbors animals while they are in HAWAII and we have been benefitting from their garden. Yummy eggplant, cucumbers and tomatoes have made it home. The girls are also getting ready to go to WY with Gma and Gpa Nielson for Cole's ordination to the priesthood. Bode And Summer are in swimming lessons right now too. Bode didn't want to do it but now he's doing great swimming with his head under the water. He also is ready to go back to school?? He just needs a few more things like a pencil box. Brek is starting to talk a little more. He can say tractor which also is cracker and Parker (our Frost cousin) He says his own name that doesn't sound like his name but he stays the same thing over and over when I tell him to say his name. He knows where his mouth is but nothing else yet. That's about all the fun that we have going on around here. Kind of boring!!