Monday, August 17, 2009

New Cell Phone

I have a new cell phone that I really have no clue how to use. My number is 509 318 0867. I have unlimited texting (how do you do that???) so I can talk to you that way too. Here is a picture from off of it. The pics of the cats are the kitties that were at swimming lessons this past week. They were so cute and fluffy. I need to get me some of those cute kittens. And they could handle the kids mauling them, pouring water on them and basically just toting them around like they were purses or something. I've only had about 6 people not recognize me. I was at a wedding reception for Brittney Casper and Lance Gledhill's wife(who lived in our ward briefly) didn't recgonize me. I lost my glasses and haven't been wearing them and then I guess 55-60 lbs with change your looks a little. And then little Joey Freeman told me that I looked totally different. Anyway, Not a great pic of me. I kind of have a BIG nose!


Jennifer Nielson said...

Tricia--you look great! Good work!

wyomingerica said...

way to go, how are you celebrating? We have been having a great time with your girls.