Tuesday, September 1, 2009

First Day

Here is Summer-big 6th grade, ruler of the school !-} with her teacher Mr. Ledford. I hope that she has a good year and continues to improve in her studies. She's in band this year also and would like to work as a library aid. Here's Bode with Ms. Haney (how many of you had her as a teacher??) He's in 1st grade. Hopefully he will be able to get all of his summer wiggles out without too much pain and trouble. We do have our twin Freeman Boy cousins coming to school this year as K-ers. I'm a little concerned that Joe and Bode might be caught fighting. They have a love/hate relationship.

As for the 8th grader, yeh, I forgot to take her picture before she was off this morning. She rode the bus with Melody Davidson but most days will ride with Blake Nielson. She changed instruments this year to the sax. Hopefully she will figure it out! I haven't heard how her day went yet.


Enriquez Family said...

WOW! I didnt know Ms. Haney was still teaching! I had her! What like 20 years ago? longer maybe?