Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's been a week...

I'm back to nothin to say again. I guess alot has happened but maybe no time to post about it. Bode had his first soccer game. When he was going to practice, he hated it. "I don't want to do soccer anymore." But now that he's played in a game, he loves it! However, he has started having this little cough and with the swine flu (not really) going around but some kind of nasty flu, I just don't want him to go expose everyone to the disease at school. So he's stayed home two days last week and didn't go to church today. One of my good friends, Danell, had her baby and I really don't want to "share" with them although they will probably get it anyway. Summer has been busy learning how to be a 6th grader. Lots of homework, like at least 2 hours every night. Lots of reading and math. Lexi had her first VB game. They won against Othello in 3. She got to play quite a bit which was exciting for her. She's also busy with homework and socializing. Brek is still busy running wild. We habve fun football games to go to. He has learned how to roll down the hill at the football staduim, really fun for all the kids. Eric is busy with 3 crops coming out of fields, onions, corn and potatoes. His guys are doing onions and tatoes and a crew from the big farm is doing the corn. I'm in a play for enrichment meeting and having been trying to remember my 4 lines. I have my "outfit" picked out. I asked Eric if it was ok that I was going to be making a fool of myself. "I guess. You're going to make a fool of yourself?" Yeh, once everyone sees me in my outfit!! I'll post pics when it's over. See just kinda boring.