Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Electronically challenged

Yes, me. We have had some problems with our electronics lately. My friend called me and told me that the Wii can show movies that are downloaded from Netflix!! Cool!! But that's not the problem. Lexi's Itouch got washed all the way through the whole washing cycle!! It was a sad day. We have mourned the loss of a good and very EXPENSIVE friend. I decided to call Apple. They had a few suggestions. We didn't turn it on for like a week after it happened hoping that it would get good and dry but now the screen doesn't work. Right now I'm downloading updates for it so we will see if that fixes the problem. Then yesterday the power flicked and the Wii stopped working. So I called Nintendo. The Wii actually has a surge protector on it. I unplugged it from the outlet it was plugged into and immediately plugged it into another oputlet. It didn't work. Called Nintendo. Plugged it in again and IT WORKED!! It needs 2 minutes to reset!! YEH!! No new Wii hopefully no new Ipod either!!


courtney said...

Good job, I would have given up and bought a new one!