Friday, April 30, 2010

Eric's surgery

We are on the way to the dr this morning so I can get some of my questions answered about the pictures they gave us of the inside of Eric's shoulder. He was scheduled for surgery at noon on Wednesday. He was done with surgery around 4:30 that afternoon. They put in a nerve block which basically meant they saturated the nerves in the shoulder and arm with meds to deaden. He was feeling pretty good after surgery and at home until about noon yesterday when the block finally wore off. He wasn't real happy then. It took awhile to get the pain under control. He can't lay flat in his back in bed because his arm will relax too much and flop back which will pull on one of the tendons that had work done so he has to sleep in the reclining chair that doesn't recline enough so he kind of has semi-sleeps. However, I woke him up at 1:30 to medicate and then at 5:30 to medicate. He doesn't want meds because he's actually feeling good (no pain) but I keep telling him, "You need to keep the meds in your system or you will be feeling yucky." He got a semi-shower last night which I'm sure helped him sleep better. He's pretty drugged and just kind of sleeps all day. However, when the phone rings, he wakes right up! Funny!! So that's about all I know. I will ask questions like how many screws? etc. and fill you in on the details. His desk is a laundry basket turned upside down. He watched -kinda watched- Avatar. He wasn't impressed. He's had to fight over the TV with Brek so he has watched alot of Geo Trax-I'm sick of it!! I want Lightening McQueen or Toy Story or something different.


Kiley said...

Is the farm getting along without him? Is he still able to run his circles off his phone or blackberry or whatever that technology is that I don't have a clue about? Is he going crazy yet at home? Jason can't stand to be home for longer than a couple of hours. I can only imagine what Eric is like.

I can't stand the geo trax movies! I can't wait until they get scratched enough that they can't work.