Monday, June 7, 2010

I should be blogging...

about my Sisters' week but I forgot my camera and so I don't have any pictures. Can you make a blog without any pictures?? I will leave a schedule of what we did.
Mon-arrived, started working in Mijken's front flowerbed. Got a foot cleansing bath that night.
Tues-worked in Mijken's yard, cooked and ate alot.
Wed-went thrifting and shopping, got clothes for 2 birthday girls this month. Ate at a fun restuarant.
Thurs-recovered from shopping, went shopping again in Jerome at a thrift store and Walmart (always have to have a trip to wally world) worked in Mijken's yard and finished it up.
Fri-left for home
While I was gone my kids
Brek-went with me. Played with his cousins. Didn't hardly eat anything. Cried and ate popsickles in the middle of one night from 11:30-1.
Bode-went with me. Played with cousins, beat them up. Didn't see him eat much either. Was sad to have to go back to 6-yes count them 6-more days of school. But he has a birthday party tonight to attend so he was happy about that.
Summer-stayed home, went to school until Fri when she left with my dad to come to Id and then on to Wy for Wes' baptism. Have no idea what she did. Hopefully she got her homework done!!
Lexi-stayed home, went to school and ball practice. I have no idea what she did. Hopefully she got her homework done!!
Eric-stayed home and worked, I guess?!! If you want to see pictures all my sisters have posted some. You can go here, here and here.