Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22

I never felt really angry about what happened to my brother. I never hated the person who took his life but oh how I despice the fact that people choose everyday to drink and then drive. I've thought alot about my brother's accident about how it not only changed my family's life, Sara's life, Luke's life, the man who ran him over life, Kollin's co workers' lives but did you know that night (this night three years ago) someone held him as his spirit left his body, her life is forever changed. His accident was so violent and from what little we can gather, his body was thrown into moving traffic where someone else hit him, that person's life is changed forever. Yes, I'm angry about drinking and driving. I want to shack people by their shoulders and say. "please don't do this." But I also want my children to look back at this and realize how one decision can affect so many people. So when my teenager is thinking this one time won't hurt anyone but me, that's not true. Or when they think, me making this one right decision isn't going to matter, that's not true either. Each decision we make will impact those around us. Many decisions we make will directly impact our families, parents, siblings, grandparents and future children. Some decisions we make will impact complete strangers. So it does matter what you do, how you treat people and the thinking of "this isn't going to hurt anyone, or it will only affect me" isn't proper thinking. I'm sad. I'm sad for my parents. I'm sad for Sara and Luke. I'm sad for the man who killed my brother. I'm sad for the lady who held him at the end of his life. I'm sad. But I'm also at peace in the fact that I know I can see him again. That Sara can hug him again. That Kollin can take Luke into his arms and tickle him and tease him and look into Luke's eyes and tell him that he loves him. That my parents can hold their son again. That my children can know their uncle. I'm grateful for the knowledge and peace that the gospel brings. Do I want to shout from the rooftops think before you drink, you bet. But I also know that Kollin is happy and busy and moving forward in his eternal progress. I love you!!


courtney said...

Beautiful and Amen!

marciekoch said...

Tricia - Not sure if you knew, but I also had a brother that was killed. I have had many of the same feelings as you. Thank you for being so honest and open. It's hard to put those feelings into words sometimes.