Monday, October 18, 2010


no not Gpa Freeman or Gpa Nielson. We have been relistening (or listening to for the first time) the conference talks. There was some grumbling from a certain boy at our house that "we have do this again???" and I said, "This is the prophet. He speaks with Jesus Christ." Just then Pres. Monson's picture showed up on the TV screen and he started talking. In all of Brek's wisdom he said, "That's not Jesus, that's Palmpa (grandpa)." I said, "Yes, that's Gpa Monson." Then for the next 5 minutes Brek kept saying "Palmpa Monsoon, Palmpa Monsoon." It was so cute. How we love Palmpa Monsoon and all his wisdom. Tonight we were encouraged again to have gratitude for all the wonderful things that we have.