Sunday, October 31, 2010

Piles of kittens

We have the fortune of owning 9 kitten/cats right now. There is one mama and 3 teenagers and 5 babies. For awhile they were "lost" except one baby but now they have all returned home to the front step to annoy Eric beyond his bearing. However, I try to point out almost every day that they are bring in the mice. Not all of them are named. Any suggestions?? Big fluffly orange doesn't have a name. The black teenager's name is Bullet because she and the dog Trigger get along so well. She's the only one that will tolerate the wild dog. He tries to chase her but she won't be chased.

Mama is the orange cat in the back. The white baby doesn't have a name. It has an orange tail and ears.
Lady Gaga is looking up at the camera nearest the bottom. Lady Gaga is named that because of his incredibly bad "make-up" job. He has "eyeliner" around his eyes. Bad eyeliner, hence Lady Gaga. Mama is also looking up at us too in the back.


Kiley said...

We have too many cats to name at our house. We have two cats named "Fluff ball", one big, one small. "Mother Cat" is, of course, the mother cat. And those are the 3 of 12 that are named. The rest are most often referred to as: "Dang cat! Get out of the way!"

courtney said...

We just got a cat to be a mouser for us even though Jared has grown up his whole like learning to hate cats, he left this morning saying by to everyone and the kids said, don't forget Lola, and he said, bye lola, I like you too!

She is pure white and her name is Lola but we call her Lou for short. There's a good girl or boy name!