Monday, November 15, 2010

It's all about the shoes.


No I'd make the dress, just added to the bottom of it and took out the hum to make it longer too. I think she got this dress at Rue 21 too. Yes she danced, she usually does now that it's not so scary and she's braver.
Lexi reads alot and of course we always sign up for our library's summer reading program. It was so easy this year. You could do it all online. Anyway, Lexi completed the reading so many hours to get entered into a drawing for a $30 gift card. And she won!! So she has had a giftcard that needed to be spent. We have a fun new store in Tri-cities called Rue 21. They have lots of cute stuff and of course the stuff she likes best is shoes. I choke on $25 for a pair of shoes knowing that if I just wait they will come on sale for much cheaper. But she on the other hand, had a dance to go to and since she had a $30 just burning a hole in her pocket, she bought the shoes. Now she can't wear them in anything wet because they are satiny and will get stained. She's being very selective about where she will wear them and has to practically put waterboots over them before going out. So of course the shoes make the outfit. Oh and the dress. Let's not forget the cute Old Navy coat (that someone else had at the dance-she was so glad that they were different sizes so she got back her own coat). Oh and of course, the hair, the hair definitely makes the outfit, RIGHT??


wyomingerica said...

Lexi is so cute, what a fun outfit. I tried to click on the pictures to make them big but I cant, do you know why?

Countrylivn' said...

Super cute shoes, I would have sprung for them too! The dress is darling, did you make it? So how was the dance, did she get asked to dance? What a cute girl!