Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Still snowing!!

And I'm so grateful for American Eagle, Columbia, Costco and Peak Performance for all my nice warm clothes!! We were finally able to make it outside to build a snowman. I need one of those wooden snowman kits that we all made a couple of years ago for RS. Every year we are scrounding around for carrot noses, coal eyes, scarves and buttons. Frosty with Bode's head.

Bode posing with FrostyDude, wanna join my cool gang!!
Pucker up baby!!
Calm for a minute but then I notice the background, man my house needs some repairs done on it!!
Gettin' the hat just right.
Summer taking the picture not taking into account what might be blocking the shot. Rump shot!!
Brek checking out the progess and kicking Frosty down a couple of times too.
Me taking a cool picture of a rusty bike by springtime!!
Trig wondering what I'm doing and you can see the snow falling against his coat.


Countrylivn' said...

Wow, you are a good mom out helping with the snowman! I cant believe the snow is already here! I am still hoping it will melt and then come back later, I needed to mow one more time! I dont think it is going to happen now!