Tuesday, January 18, 2011

3 Year old in our house!!

My baby turns 3 today. Where has the time gone and yet I'm so glad I'm not 3 years ago just having him. That was a tough delivery!! Here's a blast from the past and yesterday's party with Grandma and pa Nielson.
Birth announcement picture. Blessing Day

Brand new baby!!
What babies do best.
2nd Birthday present.
3 year old who won't sit still for one picture!
Opening presents
Opening presents without anyone's help.
"Sissy" Looking on. He does call her Sissy in his prayers and everything. Lexi is Lexi but Sum is Sissy.
Thomas cake
My feible attempt at making a cake. Can you believe that my MIL can decorate cakes and has been paid to do it!!
Still won't sit still for a picture.
Finally!! A half decent shot!!


Countrylivn' said...

Oh Im so glad he got his Thomas cake! He does not look at all the same as he did as a baby, he looks like Bode as a baby but not as a big boy! HAppy Day Brecky!

Kiley said...

Happy birthday Brek!

Your carpet looks good! Did you get a new piano?